The beeswax candles you can find in our webshop, comes from a controlled source: Transylvania. The candles contains 100% beeswax, no additives or paraffin.

• According to the commercial rules, the "beeswax candle" denomination can be used only for candles with a beeswax content at least 51%, but for the best therapeutic effect they need to contain 100% pure beeswax.
• Only the 100% beeswax candle cleans the air, it is great for healing respiratory diseases, as additional treatment.
• It is well known that the wax candle may contain small amounts of propolis, or that the wax candle burns at a higher temperature than the paraffin candle. For the beneficial effect, these two may be jointly responsible.
• It contains completely natural ingredients.
• Non-toxic, no pollutant emissions.
• Does not splash during combustion.
• It can cure cough, migraine, calm the nervous system, and reduce the pain.
• Because of the mixed honey and pollen, it has a natural flavour without having to be scented.
• Its enchanting light, the pleasant honey flavor, brings warmth and intimacy to your home.

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