For thousands of years the Chinese have considered the medicinal mushroom Ganoderma a herbal medication of outstanding quality. This is the first so-called “medicinal product” that has no side effects whatsoever even if consumed over a long period of time. It enhances the self-healing capabilities of the body and helps to prevent illnesses efficiently.


Successful production


Ganoderma grown in the wild is very hard to find and harvest. Should somebody come across it by accident, its effect is usually lost by ageing since it can become as hard as leather. It may even be poisonous. Since its harvest is random, quality control is absolutely impossible.

However, one of the scientists at the Food Science Research Institute of Kyoto University, Mr Yukio Naoi, applied a “spore separation growing method” successfully in order to produce the medicinal mushroom Ganoderma. This method was introduced in China in 1975. Due to the extremely favourable climate and soil, this technique has spread widely.


Special effects of the medicinal mushroom Ganoderma


Ganoderma had been considered mysterious for thousands of years. People only knew that “the medicinal mushroom Ganoderma preserves youth and gives you a long life when consumed regularly”, but nobody carried out a scientific research to find out the reason for its efficiency.

There have been thorough research activities carried out by scientists in China and in other countries – through experiments done by cooperating hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and clinics – that finally managed to find the secret of its outstanding effectiveness.

It has blood cleansing, detoxifying, diuretic, liver supporting, bowel function regulating, heart function assisting, blood pressure setting, relaxing, cough relieving and expectorant effects besides hindering tumour growth.

Another beneficial effect of the medicinal mushroom Ganoderma is that it carries out a “medical check-up” in the body and finds hidden diseases. Having done this, it removes toxins to enable the immune system to heal the body.


The most important components of the medicinal mushroom Ganoderma:


  • Organic germanium (Ge): increases the oxygen uptake in the blood significantly, it improves digestion and it can prevent tissue necrosis. According to the research results of Dr Kazuhiko Asai, Ganoderma has 800-2000 ppm of germanium. This is between four- to six times more than the germanium content in Asian ginseng.
  • Polysaccharides: these organic components may improve the immune system and kill viruses. They were refined to enable their use in medications by Japanese pharmaceutical companies. The Health Department of Koseisho declared it a supported medication in Japan.


  1. Bitter taste: Japanese physicians and chemists have been constantly studying thischaracteristic. The result: it comes probably from the interaction of germanium and polysaccharides. Other plants may contain either one or the other but Ganoderma is more efficient than all of them. The combination of components differs from all other plants thus all components must be preserved in order to provide efficiency.


Medical fundamentals of the medicinal mushroom Ganoderma:


According to the results of the experiments carried out by Dr Shigeru Yuji, Ganoderma owes its effectiveness to the following basic functions:

  1. It reduces cholesterol and free fat levels.
  2. It reduces blood sugar levels, it restores pancreas function.
  3. It reduces the accumulation of blood platelets and prevents thrombosis.
  4. It optimises adrenocortical function.
  5. It enhances the natural self-healing capabilities of the body as well as the effectiveness of the immune system.
  6. It decelerates old age brain function decline.
  7. It reduces the side effects of anti-allergy drugs.
  8. It hinders the development of allergies caused by antigens (a substance that stimulates antibody production).
  9. It contributes to tumour prevention and blocks the metabolism of tumour cells:
  1. a) It prevents the sudden death of cancer patients caused by tumour embolism (embolism: blockage caused by blood clots or foreign substance).
  2. b) It prevents thromboses and enhances the effectiveness of anti-tumour drugs.
  3. c) It reduces pains caused by cancer.


Is it true that the medicinal mushroom Ganoderma is the antidote of modern illnesses, and it is a “universal medication”?


Mr Yukio Naoi from the Food Science Research Institute of Kyoto University said:

“We shall not talk about diseases occurring throughout human history, we shall talk about modern illnesses. In order to find the answer, we have analysed the effects again and again for 13 years. These studies gave us satisfying results.

The first question is if the medicinal mushroom Ganoderma can effectively cure every illness. Our answer is: “yes” since it can maintain modern people's health. In the case of a less healthy person, Ganoderma may affect even the weakest, most powerless part of the human body. In the case of a sick person, it tackles the problem at its root and enables recovery.

The medicinal mushroom Ganoderma can alter an imbalanced organism and makes it healthier. There is no differences between human races, Ganoderma has the same effect on everybody all over the world.

If a sick person's body reacts to Ganoderma especially well, this is similar to the reaction when a patented medication elicits its maximum effects. Nobody has ever experienced negative effects.”

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