Heat resistant glass

There is no limit for the highly imaginative handling of our products. The well-shaped design of the vessels allows a wide range of uses and offers with the material characteristics various combinations.
The benefits are obvious.

Trendglas heat resistant glass products


  • are heat resistant (up to 450°C/842°F), suitable for use in microwave, microwave grill, dishwasher and stove
  • are suitable for healthy and safe food preparation
  • are easy to clean and hygienic in use through the pore-free surface
  • offer a variety of application possibilities: baking and cooking, preparing and serving, cooling and freezing (down to -35°C/-31°F)
  • show a high resistance to sudden temperature changes with a temperature difference
  • of 140°C/284°F (three times as high as normal glass or lead crystal glass)
  • are manufactured from clear borosilicate glass which is free of smell and flavor, does not discolor and shows high chemical and mechanical resistance
  • do not give off any substances and are therefore suitable for allergy sufferers
  • come in superior and functional product design for an optimal preparation of beverages and meals
  • are most suitable as an individual and creative gift idea
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