Water kettle, 1.2l

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Water kettle, 1.2l
Water kettle with glass lid, 1.2l. Size ( H/W/D):122x225x170mm. Producer / Distributor: Trendglas
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Our water kettle is made exclusively form glass, do not give off any substances and are therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. Approved by ECARF.
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18/07/2020 00:42
 - Petr
On 2015 I accidentally broken the bigger (1,75 l) kettle and I have not found the same or other models for the replacement in Russia. Thus, I had to google it in EU with shipping to Russia option. I've spent about several hours and found glas-shop.net. The price was ok, I've ordered 2 different models (1,75 l and this one, 1,2 l as backup option) and got in 2+ weeks with no problem. This 1,2 kettle I was planned to use as a backup kettle and actually have not still tested it but it has the same quality as the bigger model and it's more comfortable to handle it due to its smaller size. Advantages: Comfortable grip and very light weight. I store it as a backup kettle for a bigger model. Of course it's also can be used with any type of oven and very durable.
The shipping from HU to RU was smooth and I got both kettles in perfect condition. So, thanks, Kiss Andrea! You have saved my tea tradition preparation 5 years ago :) I really do love these kettles because of their EU based quality glass and design. All other China-produced models from other suppliers are not so durable. And their glass purity and content leaves much to be desired.
Disadvantages: I wish it has the same metal cap as its bigger brother model.
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